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Looking for exclusive oceanfront projects on pre sale in Las Terrenas? Who doesn’t dream to live on the seaside? Feel the fresh ocean breeze, enjoy a cold beer while contemplating the sunset at the horizon and open your door to jump into this infinite natural pool that is the ocean. The sensation of freedom and openness is priceless.

Sail the vast offer of beachfront real estate in pre construction using the search tools below and find the ideal vacation home right on the beach. You can also complete the form above and a real estate agent will do the market search for you.

US$ 550,000

Luxury 3-bed Penthouse on the hill side of Bonita Village

US$ 462,000+

Luxury Project of villas in front of Cosón Bay Beach

US$ 329,000 +

luxury condos & penthouses for sale on El Portillo Beachfront

US$ 850,000

First Line Penthouse with private pool on Portillo Beach


Spacious Condo in Beachfront Project Playa Portillo

US$ 379,000+

Spacious condos under construction on Las Ballenas Beach

US$ 969,000

Waterfront Million-Dollar View Penthouse on Portillo Beach

US$ 335,000

Luxury project on the hill side of Bonita Village

US$ 430,500

Investment villas in beachfront hotel Cosón Bay

US$ 308,755+

New beachfront development in Bonita Beach

US$ 330,755+

New Project in Beachfront Residences by Bonita Beach

US$ 290,000+

Condos & Townhouses in Beachfront Project Playa Portillo

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