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Our selection of properties for sale in Las Terrenas

Looking for stand out properties, a unique investment opportunity? Discover our recommendations of properties for sale 
in Las Terrenas. Based on price, location, and other aspects, we selected the best investment properties for you… 
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US$ 170,000

Centrally Located Tropical Bungalow in Las Terrenas

US$ 480,000

Duplex 4-bed condo with private garden in vibrant community

US$ 225,000

Open & Traditional Penthouse nearby Las Ballenas beach

US$ 410,000+

Investment villas in beachfront hotel Cosón Bay

US$ 320,000+

Luxury project on the hill side of Bonita Village

US$ 360,000

3-bedroom Penthouse with Independent Apartment

US$ 270,000

Renovated Ocean view Triplex in front of popy beach

US$ 495,000

Caribbean villa 360° Mountain and Ocean view

US$ 240,000

Spacious 3-bedroom condo in Beachfront community

US$ 420,000

4 Bungalows Airbnb Business for sale

US$ 308,755+

New beachfront development in Bonita Beach

US$ 330,755+

New Project in Beachfront Residences by Bonita Beach

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