Top 10 Beaches in Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic

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    Las Terrenas is a colorful beach town located in the peninsula of Samana, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The region is known as the green lungs of the Caribbeans. Its mesmerizing beaches, lush tropical trees and plants, endless palm groves, evergreen mountains and valleys, transparent rivers and the beautiful waterfalls make it a unique destination for nature lovers and explorators.

    In the article below you will discover the beaches of Las Terrenas. Whether you prefer a lively beach in the tourism area, a wild and virgin beach surrounded by mangroves or a hidden beach accessible only by hike or boat, Las Terrenas has it all!



    Playa Popy

    Located on the Eastern side of Las Terrenas and with direct access from center town, Playa Popy is the most lively beach area. Its many hotels, restaurants and bars along the boardwalk frequently host live music, salsa and bachata events. At the edge of Playa Popy one finds a larger beach called Punta Popy, a Dominicans’ favorite. Dominicans usually travel to Las Terrenas on the week-ends with their friends and family to escape the intensity of the cities like Santo Domingo or Santiago.

    Punta Popy also offers a large private parking area. Playa Popy is recognizable by the luxury catamarans that are anchored on the ever calm and turquoise waters. It’s a cosmopolitan area where tourists enjoy the best restaurants in the beach town. The two main kite surf schools are also installed in that zone.


    Playa Las Ballenas

    Playa Las Ballenas is one of the 2 central beaches, next to the tourism center. It is located on the western side of Las Terrenas village. The beach stretches 1.5 miles (2.3 km) from Pueblo de Los Pescadores to the river delta at the other edge.

    The neighborhoods along Playa Las Ballenas are mixed with residences and tourism. Since the end of the road is a dead end, traffic is relatively quiet. At the beginning of the beach you will find fishing and excursion boats. Get the information from the tourism kiosk at the same place and explore the rocky islands shaped like whales which gave the name to Playa Las Ballenas. The area is also a diving spot where local organizations are managing a program of coral nursering.

    The beach is ideal for running or long walks on the white sand, a refreshing swim or simply lay back at one of the cozy beach clubs. For the more active among you, the calm waters of Las Ballenas beach are perfect to practice kayaking, snorkeling or stand-up paddle among the beautiful coral and tropical fish.


    Playa Bonita

    5 minute driving West from town one discovers the unique Playa Bonita. Bonita was recently ranked among the 10 best beaches in the world by National Geographic. Playa Bonita has it all: a chic and peaceful boardwalk, a quiet bay for swimmers on the Eastern side of the river, and waves for surfers in the middle. There are two surf schools in Playa Bonita, for beginners and advanced surfers alike. Another spot that you can not miss is Mosquito Boutique Hotel to have a drink and relax watching the surfers do their magic!


    Playa Cosón

    Cosón beach is the more exclusive area of Las Terrenas where one finds luxury hotels and resorts and large private mansions on the beach. It is located 10 minutes driving from the center of Las Terrenas and stretches over 3.7 miles (6km).
    This upcoming area has a strong potential for future real estate developments. Properties enjoy higher returns and rental rates thanks to its exclusive etiquette. Being only 10 minutes away from the International airport El Catey will support the area to grow faster.
    The green hills in the back add to the amazing landscapes and panorama where many decided to set up their residence and enjoy breathtaking ocean views. Cosón bay, also accessible by walk from Playa Bonita, enjoys calm, turquoise waters while the western part is more wavy and attracts the surfers with an advanced level.


    Playa Portillo

    Portillo is one of the longest and less crowded beaches of Las Terrenas, extending over more than 3 miles (5km) towards El Limón waterfalls and the Eastern side of Samaná peninsula. Portillo enjoys plenty of beachfront land available for the next tourism projects. The kite surf spot in Portillo beach is attracting more and more adepts, beginner or advanced level. On the most eastern part of Portillo beach one encounters himself on mesmerizing white sand beaches and shallow waters, where river and ocean come together.


    Playa Esperanza

    Playa Esperanza is accessible via a short 15 minutes walk along the beach and the mangroves, starting at the eastern edge of Playa Portillo. It is a small bay with ever calm and transparent waters, where visitors will find extreme tranquility. Those willing to explore more can walk further into even more virgin, secluded beaches among the mangroves. The lucky ones will meet Manatees and Hawksbill turtles! 


    Playa Escondida

    Discover Playa Escondida, a hidden, secluded beach. It is accessible through a short 25 minutes hike across the Cape of “Loma Bonita” at the edge of Las Ballenas beach. The beach is enclaved between two small capes and joins with Playa Bonita to the other side. A great option for those looking for a refreshing walk and privacy. And why not nude tanning?


    Playa Las Terrenas

    The central beach, right in the tourism center of Las Terrenas, Samana. The beach is located at the hollow of the bay, and lets a refreshing breeze in from the ocean. On one side is Pueblo de los Pescadores, a hub of seafront entertainment with its colorful row of trendy restaurants and bars. Enjoy the variety of international cuisine while contemplating the beautiful bay of Las Terrenas. At night, the area comes even more alive and the party is on at Pueblo de los Pescadores.

    To experience a true Dominican experience, a short walk along the beach, crossing the river on a wooden bridge, leads you to the fish market and emblematic fish restaurants, feet in the sand!


    Playas Las Canas – Lanza del Norte – Morón

    These 3 virgin beaches are located next to El Limón and the famous waterfalls. Playa Morón benefits from a brand new road leading to the beach, officially inaugurated in the presence of new President Luis Abinader at the beginning of 2021. The landscapes in the area are truly breathtaking. The land is sold at very attractive starting price for investors looking to develop a unique project. Ideally a development respecting the nature such as energy autonomous constructions melting into this untouched world.


    Playa Estillero

    Playa Estillero is a large bay of calm waters located 10 minutes away from the more active area of Las Terrenas, on the way to El Limón. The area has some real estate developments and private villas and will definitely grow more in the coming years. It is also the start of a beautiful kayak and stand-up paddle excursion along the mangroves and coral with Manati Watersports.


    Playa Ermitaño

    Located 20 minutes driving from Las Terrenas, in El Limón, Playa Ermitaño is accessible only by boat or hiking. A good 45 minute hike through banana fields and cliffs lead you to a secluded beach which must not be much different than paradise!


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