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Playa Las Ballenas is one of the 2 central beaches, located next to the tourism center, on the western side of Las Terrenas village. The beach stretches 1.5 miles (2.3 km) from Pueblo de Los Pescadores to the river delta at the other edge.

The neighborhoods along Playa Las Ballenas are mixed with residences and tourism. Since the end of the road is a dead end, traffic is relatively quiet. 

Thanks to the coral reef closer to the shore, the water is usually quiet and is thus an ideal spot to practice snorkelling, kayaking or standing paddle. Las Ballenas beach is also suitable for a run or long walks on the white sand, a refreshing swim or simply laying back at one of the cozy beach clubs.

The real estate market in Las Ballenas is a mix of long term residences and cute hotels and Bed&Breakfasts focusing on tourism. The 500 meters line from the beach is mostly built. As a result, land is more rare and the value of real estate today in Las Ballenas is a little higher (approximately 10%) than in Playa Popy.

Discover below all our properties, individual lots and land for sale in the area of Playa Las Ballenas:

US$ 550,000

Luxury 3-bed Penthouse on the hill side of Bonita Village

US$ 435,000

The perfect vacation home near the beach in Las Terrenas

US$ 1,200,000

Famous restaurant on the main beach of Las Terrenas

US$ 495,000

5-bedroom villa in community near the beach

US$ 750,000

Unique Design 4-Bed House near Las Ballenas Beach

US$ 3,000,000

The Ultimate Waterfront villa with Architect Design


Outstanding ocean view penthouse in Bonita village

US$ 460,000

Natural Design 3-bed Vacation House with pool

US$ 549,000

Caribbean villa 100 meters to Las Ballenas Beach


1-Br Penthouse 50 meters to Las Ballenas Beach


2-Br Duplex Penthouse 50 meters to Las Ballenas Beach


3-bed Duplex near the beach in Las Ballenas

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